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Starcoins (or "SC") are the main currency in MovieStarPlanet. Moviestars are availiable to purchase a majority of animations, clothing, items, pets, and much more with Starcoins. 

Earning Starcoins

There are several ways of earning starcoins. A user may earn starcoins from the following:

Watching/Making Movies

After watching a movie, the player will earn 10 starcoins, whereas the movie's creator will earn more (depending on the viewer's level). However, the viewer must rate the movie in order to receive the starcoins. For the creator, they will receive starcoins, even if the viewer does not rate it. After the viewer watched 10 movies, they will only get 5 starcoins.


If you pet a Boonie or pet, you will earn 1-5 starcoins, depending on how healthy or big they are. If they are ill, you will most likely earn 1 starcoin. For retired pets, if they are healthy and Level 10, you will most likely earn 5 starcoins. The amount of starcoins varies by level for new Boonies and Bonsters. Also, by reaching a new Boonie or Bonster to a certain level, you may receive starcoins. You can pet other player's pets and Boonies to earn starcoins as well. You get more starcoins depending on the pet's level.


If a user wins either first, second, or third place, they will earn starcoins, diamonds and VIP.


  • A user can also earn Starcoins by buying either a VIP pack or Diamond pack. The lowest amount of starcoins you can buy is 1,000, while the highest amount is 120,000. 
  • Giving or receiving a greeting will give a player 500 starcoins. 
  • The Daily Wheel of Fortune gives players Starcoins. There are 2 different wheel of fortunes: VIP and non VIP. The non VIP gives you 20 to 120 starcoins and the VIP gives you 25 to 200 starcoins. You can also spin the Fame Wheel by purchasing it for 4 diamonds in the diamond shop.
  • You can get 1000 Starcoins if you do the diamond ride in a chatroom.


  • Moviestars once had the ability to buy starcoins without having to buy VIP.


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