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Stormos is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (US) He is level 19 (Ace Movie Star).


Stormos first joined MSP because of a friend. He gains most of his fame and attention through his ongoing movie series that usually focus on everyday situations in a comical scenario, but the topics can differ. His most popular movie is "Confessing my feelings..." with over 60 views.
At one point, Stormos was best known for his house parties as they attracted quite a few moviestars.
Stormos doesn't frequently make artbooks, but when he does they are usually to thank his supporters or cast for his movies. His most popular artbooks are his "crush artbooks", each receiving over 60 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Stormos has bright, baby blue eyes, tanned skin, and matching tan lips with a black lip piercing. He is often seen using black or blonde hair, but sometimes includes a variety of different colors such as red, brown, or a mixture of two different colors. He is almost always seen wearing his sleeve tattoos.

Stormos's style is more of a typical "popular guy" look, although he sometimes likes to add a mixture of colors and styles to his outfits. His most popular look is "Sea Captain".


  • Stormos's real name is Caleb.
  • According to his fact movies/artbooks, he got a golden doodle puppy for his birthday whom he named Charlotte and later on nicknamed Lotty.
  • He has two younger sisters.
  • In real life he has blue eyes and black hair.
  • He is shy but loves making new friends.
  • His favorite animal is a raven.
  • His best friend is named Liam (Liam was the one to introduce Stormos to MSP).
  • His birthday is April 23rd.
  • He's currently in 10th grade.
  • He is on his school's varsity soccer team and also plays travel soccer for his towns league.
  • "YourLivingNightmare" is his favorite MovieStarPlanet user.

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