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    MSP Hanukkah

    They still don't let you say it but at least they made a forum of it.

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    • I actually saw that today when I was going through something.
      Also, I didn't know they didn't allow you to say it. I've never tried though.

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    • Well only if you have safe chat I mean. Ppl without can say it.

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    • Technically everyone(except maybe staff) has some form of "safe chat", but there is a 13+ safe chat and a under 13 safe chat.

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    • Well people without the actual "safe chat" can say pretty much everything except for inappropriate words.

      Want to know what crazy words they ban in safe chat? Here's a list:

      • Long
      • Hard
      • Sky (sometimes)
      • Hanukkah
      • Enter (I see a reason for this, but its pretty stupid to ban the word)
      • Little (and all its synonyms)
      • Big (and all its synonyms)
      • Lover

      I'll add to the list as I find more.

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    • It's mostly adjectives.

      But you CANNOT forget the numbers(except 8. for some reason we can say 8 and 8 alone). It's so odd how safechat bans faces sometimes like c: but other times it doesn't. It also bans soooo many names like Samantha, Lucy, and others. That's why my movies end up having names like Em and Kay. Safechat bans horrible horrible things!

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    • Wait we can say 8? Really?!

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    • Yup! XD

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    • That's crazy!

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    • I think they changed but they used to not ban the name Abby.

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    • Ikr. Just a random number. 8.

      Really? Cool! I'll have to try.

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    • I have a feeling I know why those adjectives are banned.
      I'm not 100% sure about "enter", but I have a theory.
      "Sky" is banned sometimes because of skype.
      They often ban names since you're really not suppose to share names on MSP.
      I'm not sure about "8", but it's possible it's because of how many people use "8" in words.

      "K" alone has also been banned recently(for both chats), a friend and I are assuming it's because many users typed "kik" one letter a line and since they can't ban "I", they had to take k.

      To be completely honest, I think safe chat is no more of an inconvenience for those who want to say bad things, share information, and in general break rules. The people who really can't find a way to work around it tend to be the people who shouldn't be doing those kinds of things anyways(for example, a 9 year older trying to share their address).

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    • I think they banned enter because of "enter your password".
      But you cant say "pe" (the ending of Skype), so why ban the first part?

      Why are people saying "K" anyway? Oh I have a kik, but I'm not so sure I want one anymore because random strangers keep messaging me inappropriate things so I just block them.

      I don't want to break rules but I still find it inconvenience. Especially with numbers, because I don't use numbers to share my password I just use numbers to tell people how much SC I have or diamonds or fame left.

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    • That's possible.
      There are still other ways to say "skype" separated and some of the community knows "sky" as skype, much like they know "twi" as twitter.
      People often say "k" opposed to "okay" or "ok".

      As for that last bit, it's not about protecting your password as much as it is your age, phone number, location/address, and stuff like that. If you just want to share numbers it's not all too hard, though if you want to put it in your status it can be super annoying.
      It must be hard to not be able to see numbers and whatever else, I know I use them quite often when speaking on MSP. I wonder if MSP would allow you to fix your birth year.

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    • My friends say "Tweet" opposed to "Twitter".
      Oh I just say "Kay". At one point they banned it, but its unbanned now.

      I know you can say numbers in safe chat language (one, too, there, for, hive, fix, sav an, ate, mine, tin) but if you cant SEE numbers, its hard to communicate. There also people with no safe chat who apparently cant spell, because half of their words are hashtags.

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    • When I said names, I meant for movies. XD But all of this makes sense.

      What about hard, tall, big, and lover?

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    • They used to allow Lover, but now you have to say "Luv er".

      I don't understand long, hard, tall, big or little. Doesn't make sense.

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    • Hmm.

      No sense whatsoever.

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    • MSP makes no sense. They ban people for saying "YOLO".

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    • People with 13+ safe chat can say a lot more words and in general other things that you can't, so if their words are hashtagged a lot it's not necessarily because they can't spell, but rather because they're using words you can't see.

      I can understand those adjectives, if you don't, that's probably for the best right now.

      Regarding MSP banning someone for saying "yolo", I highly doubt that considering there is a shirt on MSP that says "yolo".
      More often than not people make up stories about why they were banned because they didn't want to admit they got in trouble/did wrong.

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    • I know but someone tried to say Merry Christmas and ended up spelling Christmas wrong.

      Why do they ban those adjectives?

      Oh that makes a lot more sense.

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    • They also ban the word Excited.

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    • Again, "if you don't understand, that's probably best for right now."

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    • No please I really want to know.

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    • Omg they allow the name Luke.

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    • It's not something to speak of, especially not here Rapunza, haha. You'll know one day though.

      Haha, that's interesting.

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    • I wont know unless you tell me. If you cant say it here, say it on MSP?

      Yeah that's why everybody spells it wrong. Although I think they should say "ex sited" instead of "exited.

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    • No Rapunza she REALLY can't tell you here or msp. Remember how this website is suppose to be PG The adjectives describe a topic that isn't nessicarly PG.




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    • How come everybody knows but me :/

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    • Is there any way someone can tell me?

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    • It would be against wiki policies for someone to say. In fact, this conversation is coming close to being against our policies, so I'm actually going to close it.
      Believe me though, you will know one day, but for now it's probably best you don't.

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