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Hero Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2016

Traffic! is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 32 (Hero Movie Star).


Traffic, or Rachel, initially played under the username "Rachelskye". On that account, she was well known for her collection of rares. She leveled up through greetings, the views on her movies, and loves on her artbooks. Her short movies usually got around 30-200+ views. When she was on MSP, she went into the mall chatrooms and chatted with her friends.
Her artbooks used to get around 100-400+ loves each and were fairly random, but usually had a topic related to rares or rare trading. One of her artbooks about her rares had over 400 loves.

In Winter 2016, her account was hacked, compromised, and deleted, and she then created this account.

Usual Appearance & Style

Rachel has grayish skin, grayish eyes, a freckled nose, and maroon lips. Her style is grunge and skater.


  • Her YouTube channel is Traffic! MSP.
  • She has a backup account under the username "Goofin".
  • Her new account on which she trades rares is "Pluto!".
  • Her favorite food is chicken.
  • Her favorite word is "sexy!!!".
  • Her birds' names are Marshmallow Poof and McGee.
  • Her favorite band is Pink Floyd.


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