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Sparkling Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2015

TylerDx1 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). He is level 63 (Bold Movie Star), and is 5th on the CA highscores.


TylerDx1 began in 2014 under the username "Tylikesred3", which got banned and then reinstated in 2015. He made a new moviestar under the name "Tyler Cx" which got to level 30 in a week. On that account, he was on the top page in two months.

In 2016, he took a break from December 2016 to February 2017 going to the US server on the user "ItxTyler". After coming back to the CA server, he went from level 61 to level 63.

His most loved artbook is called "Cancer". His artbooks usually talk about deleting sprees or being yourself.
He has some click bait movies which always got to the top with about 2,500 views. In April 2016, he started a series called "Broken", however, this series got discontinued.

He is know as the leader of "Tigers" on the ca server, witch has over 1000 members.

Usual Appearance and Style

Tyler has blue eyes, a lip ring, and freckles with a tan skin tone.


  • His real name is Tyler Jackson
  • He has a Twitter: itxtyler
  • He has an acc on the US server:Itxtyler
  • He is know for being a drama queen and for starting lots of drama

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