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The Wheel of Fortune is a source of receiving starcoins (SC) on MovieStarPlanet. The window below pops up once a day. You can earn another spin by using 1 diamond.

Non-VIP Wheel

The non-VIP wheel gives a moviestar a 1/8 chance of winning 120 SC or 80 SC, 1/4 chance of 40 SC, and 1/2 chance of 20 SC.

The old non-VIP wheel had a 1/8 chance of winning 40 SC or 20 SC, 1/4 chance of 10 SC, and 1/2 chance of 5 SC.

VIP Wheel

The VIP wheel is a wheel exclusively for VIPs. It gives VIPs a 1/8 chance of winning 200 SC or 100 SC, 1/4 chance of 50 SC, and 1/2 chance of 25 sc. The type of VIP you have determines the amount of spins.

Normal VIP: 2 spins On Each Wheel
Elite VIP: 3 spins On Each Wheel
Star VIP: 4 spins On Each Wheel


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