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Famous Movie Star
Member Since: September 2013
Converse High
ghost town456

xXWyldChyldXx is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 22 (Famous Movie Star).


xXWyldChyldXx gained most of her recognition from her outfits and for once being an active forumer. She received most of her fame by claiming awards; however, some fame comes from her short movies and artbooks. Her most notable artbook is "My Iphon", which has 79 loves.

When she was online, she either shopped, chatted with her friends, or went on the forums. Most of her forums were usually about a quote or a funny incident. She is no longer active on MSP as she's lost interest in the game.

Usual Appearance and Style

xXWyldChyldXx has mossy green "Pretty Perfect" eyes with black eyeshadow, white skin, and light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She changes her appearance quite often. Her style is very random as she tends to use many different accessories, such as horns. She also likes to dress up as animated characters such as Pikachu or Jack Frost. Most of her clothes are shades of blue, black, white, red, or green.


  • Her nickname is Isabel.
  • Originally, her username was "tomboy Isabel 2000" but in the fall of 2014, MSP allowed her to change her username because her previous one included her real name.
  • She deleted over 600 friends before adding her best friend, Danni the Danosaur.
  • She likes drawing and creating quotes, such as "Life is not counted by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away".
  • She moved to Spain when she was 8 and is still living there.
  • She understands both English and Spanish and plans to be a translator and a photographer in the future.
  • She has trust issues and believes she has atelophobia, azthagoraphobia, and a phobia of disappointment after many of her childhood friends from England ignored and rejected her.
  • Mybeau wrote in her guestbook once when she was a new user.


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