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Zac Sky
Year Introduced: 2015
Appearances: See Section

Zac Sky is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. He is the first main character male players are introduced to when joining, and is considered to be a guide.
He is the male equivalent of Pixi Star.


Name Type Category
Unique to Zac Tops N/A
Unique to Zac Bottoms N/A
Ultimate Hi Tops Footwear Sneakers
Hipster Hair Short Hair

(Only items different than those in Zac's regular outfit have been listed)

Christmas Outfit:

Name Type Category
Snowflake Sweater Tops Sweaters
Wonder Skates Footwear Miscellaneous
Snowflake Muffs Accessories Headwear

Summer Event (Star Games):

Name Type Category


  • He is in the new user scene for all male players.
  • He adds all male players, and therefore is on on the friends list of all male players, and he cannot be deleted once added.
  • He is on the MovieStarPlanet app icon.
  • He is in a forum post by MSP addressing who he is.
  • On two of the 2015 homepage slides.
  • On the 2015 level up pop-up.
  • On various news graphics.
  • On the 2015 Christmas calendar.
  • In the 2016 New Year's, Easter, and Summer events (within the news graphics only).
  • In a 2016 television advertisement.
  • In the animation "Selfie With Stars".


  • He is the replacement for the old character/extra "Sam".
    • Additionally, Zac's account is actually Sam's (this can be seen in older movies).
  • He was first introduced on the IE server for testing, and was released on the US server on March 10th, 2015.
  • Players cannot make a username with both "Zac" and "Sky" in it if in that order.
  • There is no way to avoid his friend request. Even if it's avoided by the player, it will still be accepted.
  • Players cannot message him or write in his guestbook.
  • His eyes are unique to him and are unavailable to regular players.
  • He has the same last name as the character Starla Sky; however, it's unknown if the two are meant to be related.
  • He has a boonie named Ollie.
  • He makes looks for every theme.
  • He is best friends with Pixi Star & Holly Nova
  • Due to an old app glitch that occours, it will show you Zac Sky's level, it also works with Holly Nova and Pixi Star
  • Only guy players can be added by Zac Sy



  • Zac's pop-up profile.
  • Zac's message to old players.
  • Zac in the new user scene.
  • Zac's message to new players.
  • Zac adding the player.
  • Zac in the players friends list.
  • Zac's Living Room.
  • Zac's Garden.
  • Zac's Kitchen.
  • Zac's Party Room.
  • Zac's "Everyday Look"
  • Zac in the MSP app icon.
  • The forum explaining who Zac is.
  • Zac in a news graphic
  • Zac in a news graphic
  • Zac on a homepage slide.
  • Zac on a homepage slide.
  • Zac in the 2015 level up pop-up.
  • Zac in the 2015 Christmas calender.
  • Zac in the 2015 Christmas news graphic.
  • Zac during the 2016 New Year's event.
  • Zac during the 2016 Easter event.
  • Zac in the "Selfie with Stars" animation.
  • Zac during the 2016 Summer event.
  • Easter Farm Festival
  • April Fools
  • Report Racism!
  • Rags 2 Riches
  • Football Look
  • Harry Styles Look
  • Summer Look
  • Animal Look
  • My Everyday Look
  • My Party Look
  • Good Morning
  • Skeleton Look
  • On The Road
  • Jack Frost
  • Emo Dreamers

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